Free Luna Online (Luna Plus) - Hacks

The much anticipated hacks for "Luna Plus" have finally been completed! Please enjoy this and report and kind of bugs you encounter by sending me a message.

                                           Luna Online Hacks overview: 

                          - SpeedHack        - Makes you move 50% faster than normal 
                          - Leveler              - Makes your current level go up to + 1
                          - Teleporter         - Teleports you to a friendly unit or structure on the map.
                          - Free Money      - Gives you 300 Gpotatoes

All these features can be used to improve your skills playing Luna Online (Luna Plus)
Lastly, I hope you all will enjoy this luna plus hacks, and I will add any features you guys suggest that are reasonable, Please do not abuse this bot, I made it to help others get a better understanding of the game one step at a time.